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What We Offer

A lot of skilled trades offer a pretty clear path in – learn the trade through an apprenticeship, get your journeyman card and work till you retire. But with HVAC, a trade that combines skills from the electrical, pipefitting and sheet metal trades, it isn’t always that straightforward.

And not many trades require different skills and knowledge in different parts of the country either. But with HVAC, the local climate dictates heating and cooling needs, not to mention that everything from the types of fuel being produced at the nearest refinery to whether there’s enough photovoltaic energy available to rationalize a solar panel array have an influence on the kinds of systems that are used.

It's complicated stuff, and HVAC mechanics and installers have been begging for a dedicated resource for years. That’s where comes in.

Our Mission

We had just one goal when we set out to create

Provide the information people entering the trade need to get their careers off to a good start.

It’s just that simple.

The HVAC trade presents complications even before turning the first panel screw: Licensing laws are different in almost every city, people in the trade often need to carry a separate card for every type of system they encounter, and training options range widely from technical school programs to union apprenticeships to informal on-the-job training.

It’s clear anybody would need some guidance to get started.

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Our Contributors

Nothing can substitute for picking up some wisdom from somebody that knows the trade from the inside out. Talk to several people that have been there, and you’ve got a real handle on it.

We did the legwork for you, tracking down contacts from every part of the industry and getting them to open up about what it takes to get started and what you can expect once you’re in:

Dave Hoeing

Dave Hoeing is a cost estimator out of St. Louis, MO who has spent his career putting together bidding proposals for commercial projects.

Angie Snow

Angie Snow owns Western Heating and Air Conditioning in Orem, UT and sits on the board of directors for Women in HVACR.

Mike DeRicco

Mike DeRicco is a commercial service tech out of Pittsburg, PA who started his career on the residential side of the trade.

Kyle Buscher

Kyle Buscher is a service manager out of Lincoln, NE with both residential and commercial experience.

What We Provide

With the help of these fine folks and countless hours of research, we succeeded in putting together what might very well be the only comprehensive resource out there for HVAC professionals and those looking to get into the trade:

  • Frequently updated op-eds and news briefs
  • Training guidance to help in selecting an accredited technical school or apprenticeship program
  • Details on state-level, system-specific, and municipal licensing requirements for each state
  • Career guidance and a breakdown of industry roles
  • Conversations with industry professionals
  • Wage estimates for each state based on U.S. Department of Labor surveys